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Where to buy Brother P-touch Tape

The Brother P-touch line of ours compatible label makers helps you organize your home and start every project right. Compatible Brother P-touch label maker enables you to create labels for any project.
You can find compatible Brother P-touch tape at Printing Pleasure.

1. Printing Pleasure: best quality replacements for the Brother P-touch?

Printing Pleasure is the first choice for label tapes. Our standard warranty is 3 years. The highest in the industry. Works with ALL Brother P-Touch Label Printers that Use Brother P-touch 1000 tape and tz tapes for brother p-touch label printers. These tapes at printing pleasure are the best quality replacements for Brother P-touch labels.

2. How to replace tape in brother label maker:

Once your Brother label maker runs out of labels, a new label tape cassette needs to be inserted. We’ll show you 5 easy steps on how to change the tape in a Brother label maker.
  • Check that your Brother label maker is turned off. Turn the machine over. Press the part marked “<<” and open the tape cassette cover.
  • If there is an empty tape cassette in the compartment, pull up the release lever. Pull the used tape cassette straight up to take it out.
  • Insert the new tape cassette firmly into the compartment, making sure that it snaps into place. Also check that the end of the tape in the new cassette feeds under the tape guides.
  • Close the tape cassette cover.
  • After a tape cassette is correctly installed, press the up (FEED) key to feed the tape then the cutter button to cut the tape off. Print a test label to see if your installation was successful

3. How to install tape in Brother p-touch label maker:

Follow the steps below:
  • Check that the P-touch labeler is turned off
  • Open the cassette cover as shown by the arrow in the illustration while pressing the part marked.
                             opened cassette cover
  • Insert a tape cassette

                                    insert a tape cassette

  • If the ink ribbon is loose, use your finger to wind the toothed wheel in the direction of the arrow on the cassette


  • Close the cassette cover

                                  closing the cassette cover

  • After install a tape cassette, push in the feed and cut button to cut the tape.

4. Use of label tapes - describe what to use for:

Label tapes are used for fast and efficient labeling of things, to keep them organized. Are you looking to label some of your files, folders, draws etc.? Label printer adhesive tapes are exactly what you need for all labelling applications.
Label tapes and tapes cartridges are a key printers accessory that you will need for your label makers and label printers.

5. The best products in our store 

You can find the best product at Printing Pleasure which is compatible with Brother label maker by clicking here.
Specifications of this product are:
  • Built to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Factory Standar
  • Ready for Immediate Use
  • Works with ALL Brother P-Touch Label Printers that Use Brother P-Touch TZe661 / TZ661 Label Tapes
  • 3-Year 100% Quality Satisfaction Product Guarantee which covers any quality, reliability and performance issues for up to 3 years

6. Are you looking for label rolls for your Brother P-touch?

If the answer is “YES” then do visit Printing Pleasure for label rolls of your brother P-touch. Printing Pleasure provides standard label rolls that are compatible with brother p-touch label printer.

7. Advantages of the store:

Printing Pleasure provides products that are not only standard but also less expensive than its competitors. Label tapes available at Printing Pleasure provides free delivery and having three-year replacement warranty.