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The basis of an eco-friendly home is water flow-through filters, thanks to which you will take care of your home and your own health, nature will also benefit, you will reduce the amount of plastic you buy, you can have clean water in your own home, so why buy additional plastic bottles. Water flow-through filters are extremely popular; the world is focused on ecology, clean tap water at home is an asset not only for families with children, it is also a great option for a single person, saving time and money is huge and the positive impact on health is invaluable. Let’s take care of ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Choose a nitrate water flow-through filter; if you live in the countryside or near your home there is a lot of pollution, this filter will isolate pollution from nearby meadows or fields. If you want clean, fresh water, choose a carbon filter, which is responsible for improving the taste and smell of tap water. A resin filter will extend the life of your household appliances, get rid of scale, and this increases the life of your kitchen appliances. Also, check out our filter jugs here.